Bella Bella and Beau make their debut

: ) It killed me to sell the dear Bella Bella. But I did and she went to a loving home. Then came a request for a baby set that was basketball themed with a similar dog…but brown.  (?) And so  I played with many hues of brown…but found  a Gromit colored dog was what was IN this brain this round. (I think she resembles the Beagle  hybrid “mutt” that I owned in MY own childhood)  DSCF9876

^  here’s “Beau”     But you were waiting to see Bella Bella. Right?


“Bella Bella” : )

But wait… Beau had a blanket that was my brain-pain-insane  for a few weeks:


The “Basketball court”  gymnasium blanket. Double sided and “piped” with  5 stitch I-cord.  (normal souls  find a less intense blanket finish) Wow! Was that ever never-ending!! But worth it. It’s thick and non mistake-able basketball court-ish. Eh?  Ready to please a new dad who happens to enjoy/play basketball?  Oh yah, there was a cute varsity jacket too…

The Varsity Jacket

Of course I knit a fab lace  shawl in there too somewhere..for my Daughter-in-laws birthday. Here it is blocking:

This one is named: “Winter Thaw”  Appropriate for a SPRING birthday? : ) there is a tragic mistake in it…but with 710 stitches… I left it in ! Bet YOU can’t tell. Eh?

This computer shut down before I could finish! (?) Does Microsft have a word limit on here too? Oiy. There was also a vest in the  mix… I was cold and fell in love with a warm one I saw on  a Turkish soap Opera….

“Shezaret” as I ~think ~ it was knit (I had to wing it)

Ok I’ll go now Mr. Micrcoft.  But This is NOT over.








About 7veravera

In love with: Jeeps, tweed, knitting and the color red. Currently convalessing from a serious traffic accident which left me with a paralysed right foot. (the DRIVING foot) Oiy. I have a live horse and a hand knitted dog. We live in the Surrey B.C. area. I'm renovating my house and find a new crisis to conquer every day. Currently the new front door I bought is too big for the stair case leading up to it. That's is ME to a T.
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One Response to Bella Bella and Beau make their debut

  1. Nellie says:

    Louise, you are totally unbelievable with your knitting designs and how you display everything so beautifully. I don’t know anyone as talented as you in that department! You make us proud!

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