My 2 days In Rome

Most folks that plan a trip to Rome do it over weeks and months. I had 1/2 day.  My daughter leaned over during mass and said: Wanna see the Vatican on Tuesday?  Of course, who doesn’t?  But the catch, was to travel ~light~ a tiny wee back only…which meant bringing anything home was almost not possible! And let’s face it… traveling is about seeing a new culture, eating new and exciting menus and getting goodies! Whether you can get them home or not, understand the language or comprehend the transit in that city, Is anybodies guess! My daughter is a traveler. She knows what she wants and how to get it! This was an adventure. Our time together. A pilgrimage if you will, if just for the sake of  getting a stamp in your passport!  The first hurtle? The overwhelming task of figuring out HOW to GET to our hotel. Oh Oh. We stood in front of the  train  menu for a whole 1/2 hour. 14 euros, or even 8 euros seems a whole LOT to spend to ride the train a few feet… Where are we going again?

? there where 3 different colored trains lined up. Which one is is the 8 euro one? It just left..ok the next cheapest one then…

(we took the cheapest ticket at 1.50 euros and traveled on train about 1 hour. That seemed right. Right?  Then we walked. And continued walking. A whole lot of walking. Whoa! Are we THERE yet?) (we got off 2 stops too soon!)  Coming BACK to the airport (train ALL the way) was 14 euros.  I would have paid twice that. It  was so incredibly HOT there and I wanted OUT.

Jacinta looks Fab at the Colosseum in that jaw dropping heat!

Everywhere we went the roads and areas were protected by military (men with BIG  machine guns) Natch, no pictures were allowed.  But even more disconcerting about the  land was a serious lack of birds. No song birds, no bees or other flying insects. No sign of any animals anywhere. (?) It became a challenge to  find wildlife.  One ant. Carrying a stick twice it’s size. I wanted to photograph it…but  (probably to shield itself from the death defying heat!) In only 2 days there I counted a mere 6 birds total. All pigeons. Guess they are unimpressed with the heat too.

Colosseum. Classic eh?

The most photogenic of the 6 birds! This is just outside Saint Peter’s Basilica.

But as this is a “Knitters blog” what was I knitting and toiling over during all those plane, train, and automobile rides? My second   “Go Tell The Bees” shawlette.  : )  (finished version coming SOON)

This was in direct sunlight, very center stage where outside mass is held. Note; the cobble stones are PURPLE here. Yah yha. “I’m coming” I said to Jacinta’s back.

It looks better with beads…

There was so much to see and soooo many pictures to choose from. There’s no way I could show them all here, but Saint Jerome  was a must…

Namesake Saint of my first Born child. The marble inlay work and colors are  just not describable. Absolutely stunning in person.

Can I bring this one home please? I’d like to knit you something…

(That guy just would NOT stay OUT of MY photo!!) I wanted this one as it shows there was a cat and a DOG in Christ’s world. One of the many incredible tapestries.

Gotta love their loyalty in that 40 degree heat…

And then we had a 12 hour flight  to Toronto (detour through Frankfurt due to smoke in the planes kitchen) : o  Some entertainment was had just watching other passengers react to a possible  catastrophy.   I stayed  amused by  dreaming up my future knitting… coming soon: “Singing In The Rain” and “Me And My Palomino, Let’s go for a ride” (a rooster joined in the fun)  : )

That much sought after stamp in my passport can now be obliterated from my “bucket list”

and will I get over it?

This is a HEAT blister. Even with thick soled shoes AND socks on …this shows HOW hot the pavement was in Rome! I have them on both feet but the left side is worse as it split open… So, I’m not currently walking (this is on my GOOD foot the one that FEELS things. Oiy.

Back to MY regular programmed knitting.  Since you had to look at my foot I’ll give you a sneak peak at an un-felted Palomino and the barnyard ducks…

Yah. Like that’s going to happen…

I RAN out of yarn! good thing I went to Rome. More came while I was gone. *phew*

They sing and dance even with out their EYES yet.






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In love with: Jeeps, tweed, knitting and the color red. Currently convalessing from a serious traffic accident which left me with a paralysed right foot. (the DRIVING foot) Oiy. I have a live horse and a hand knitted dog. We live in the Surrey B.C. area. I'm renovating my house and find a new crisis to conquer every day. Currently the new front door I bought is too big for the stair case leading up to it. That's is ME to a T.
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