I live for tweed. Red tweed is very hard to find. They tend always to be rusty! I spend my days hunting down the perfect tweed. I used to work to support this habbit..until a car accident set me up for life with a dead foot. So I live life looking for every means to make a dead foot work again and hunting tweed. Odd there is no support group for  dead foot tweed addicts. I have a horse, a cat , 3 grown up children and a husband. They all love me to knit for them. (ok I’m lying that they smile and accept what I knit for them)  I’d like to say I have a dog..(another elusive hunt) but I do have BOBETTA! I knit her and she became famous. but then muppets are naturally famous. I have learned to live next to a famous un-dog.   : ) Life is never dull with a  knit dog.


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  1. Welcome all knitters. This is my new knitting show & tell page.. How do I get myself into these things?

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